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FULL Solstice MOON Blessings: Clearing – Change – Progress

artist (c) Josephine Wall

Full Moon in Capricorn

Solstice Greetings!


As usual, with the quarter festivals of the year – the Solstices and the Equinoxes, the energies intensify as we get nearer to them.  We are all experiencing a frequency upgrade, so if you notice becoming more sensitive to sounds, light and smells, it’s all part of it.  This will pass once your body has integrated the expansion you are going through, which usually takes a few days. 


You may feel a bit more on edge or emotional than usual, so get outside when you can and go for a walk to ground it, rather than be triggered and start butting heads!

Also, look after your joints especially your knees, Capricorn governs bones and ligaments, so take care.


Full Moons do bring up emotions, so you may feel emotional over this transit.  Capricorn reminds us about balance, that we need to keep a balance between our work life and our family life, to not ignore relationships in the pursuit of the next step.


This is the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn (the next one is 21st July), this is significant for all of us and especially you Cappies, so pay attention to what occurs between now and then.  Powerful manifestation energies, be careful what you wish for.


Capricorn, the sign of the sure-footed goat, is always wanting to scale new heights and achieve.  This Full Moon shines a light on where you block yourself from success, in order to progress you need to overcome these blocks.


The good news is Capricorn gives you the resilience and the push you need, in fact it might feel like you’ve been headbutted by the Ram to dislodge you from the rut and where you’ve been stuck, and butt you in the right direction!


Do you know what’s holding you back?  Usually it’s fear – that tiny, four lettered word that creates such havoc in our lives.  Of course, 99% of what you fear never happens, the other 1% happens for a reason/lesson.  Stop, analyse and rationalise the fear as that will takes its power away, control any emotion it triggers and see the fear shrinking until it disappears.


"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy."

-- Dale Carnegie, Author



This Full Moon in Capricorn is lighting your way so that you can fulfil your life purpose and benefit from all the wonders and goodies that will bring you.  You are here for a reason and you do have a purpose.  I know that events in recent years have left many feeling a bit lethargic and worn out, but you cannot let anything or anyone prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime, especially yourself.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (the Task Master) who wants you to take responsibility for your future by fulfilling the precious purpose you were put on this Earth to do.  Already doing it?  Prepare to uplevel or suddenly find yourself pivoting.


Funnily enough I was talking to someone recently about pivoting, about when there are times in our lives and careers that we need to change tack, to try something different, or do something in a different way.  Capricorn gives us a great opportunity for career advancement or completely changing careers.


But how do we do that, how do we know what to do?  Work with Grandmother Moon in Her beautiful fullness to download guidance, this may come in dreamtime as well as daytime and may also be shown to you in symbols or words as well as images.  You can also book a Wise Woman Wisdom session with me and I will help you.


On the other side of the coin if you have been working or pushing work matters too hard, you may be heading for burnout.  Stop and ask yourself if you are still having fun doing what you’ve been doing, and do you still want to carry on like that?  You are being given an opportunity to change things so that you feel happier inside yourself and that will then reflect in your outer life.


Those who have been working hard and accepted their responsibilities, will be rewarded, so keep going.  Be open to new opportunities that may seem bigger (and scarier) than anything you’ve done before, but know this – you can do it!


Have you been too hard on yourself?  Have you been too hard on others?  The Full Moon will bring these issues to light so that you can make changes.  Or have you been drifting through life?  This Full Moon is a wake-up call to get grounded, to grow up and plan what you want to do with your life, one thing is for certain you won’t be able to carry on the way you were.


Do you need more structure, or do you need more freedom in your life?  That could be the key.


Journalling is a good way of getting any confusion out of your mind and onto the paper.  Channelled writing may also help;


🕯️Write down a list of questions you wish to ask.

🕯️Then meditate for at least 20 minutes.

🕯️As you come out of meditation, focus on each question – you can say it out loud or in your head – and wait to hear the answer.  (You might hear a jumble of words, write them all down as it will make sense when you finish).

🕯️Work through each of your questions.

🕯️Then when you are finished give thanks, let the Universe handle the details and get on with your life.



KEYS to this Transit


Stay balanced

Be practical with your plans

Stay focused

Stay grounded



P.S.  I was a guest on this lovely podcast discussing Summer Solstice, here’s the info:

“In this episode, Elly Yule, a Celtic Wise Woman, brings the day’s celebratory and spiritual essence to life, from captivating sunrise rituals to practical tips on how to infuse your life with Solstice’s magic.”

Full Moon Blessings y’all!




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