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Support and Guidance for navigating life

Reclaim your energy, manifest what you want, find your inner magick - The WISE WOMAN WISDOM Way 

Life can throw many surprises and curveballs at you, and whilst you cannot predict the outcome of any situation, you can take control of how you respond to it.

With my Wise Woman Wisdom sessions, you’ll learn how to deal with whatever has happened, find your inner power and move forward fearlessly.

- Do you feel you have the support you need and deserve?

- With all the demands on your time and energy, how much is left for you?

- When was the last time you really thought about YOU?

- Which of your dreams and goals haven't been realised because life got in the way?


Isn't it time to put you first?

You invest so much time, energy and love into everyone and everything else in your life, isn't it your turn to invest in yourself?


I will support you, guide you and teach you what you need in order to succeed.

You are amazing, it's time you realised that and the world realised that too.


You are a unique individual which is why my packages are bespoke and created just for you.  

Success in life doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and commitment and is so worth it!


"Elly thank you for your amazing grounded, but gentle, energy.  You have the uncanny knack of getting to the heart of the problem in ways I would never have thought of.  You created such a safe space for me which really boosted my confidence.  Thank you for all your support and insights." -- Stephanie Salzman


  • Ready to raise yourself and your life to the next level?

  • Ready to raise your attractor factor?

  • Ready to learn how to weave magick into your life and career?

  • Ready to stop wasting any more time and make those dreams happen?


We arrange to have a cuppa and chat on Zoom to get to know each other, to see if we are a good fit and to see if I can help you, then we take it from there.

I offer one-to-one coaching as well as packages (see below).  When we have a chat, we can work out what will suit you best.

  Wise Woman Wisdom packages



This is the ideal package for you if you feel that something is still blocking you from the success, love, and happiness that you so want.  With this package, you will shift the block and free yourself to live the life you know you deserve.


What it includes:

5 x 60min sessions

Plus WhatsApp support in-between

Plus a unique organic Vibrational Essence from my own range, to also support you


Ready to shift what's holding you back?  Let's have a chat. 


 When you go through big life changes such as change of job, getting married, moving house, becoming a parent, relationship breakup/divorce, menopause, illness, or bereavement - it really helps to have some support. I will support you every step of the way.


With this transformational package, you will learn how to navigate any challenges and find solutions for them, you’ll learn coping strategies that will help you to build resilience and restore your confidence. 



8 x 60min sessions

plus WhatsApp support in-between

plus unique organic Vibrational Essences from my own range, to also support you.


WISE WOMAN WISDOM Mentoring package

You’re a busy woman and you’ve got a big goal/plan.  You know that you'll need some support and accountability to help you stay on track as you work towards it. You know there will be some challenges and curveballs along the way.

I'm here to help you stay on course, I will help you overcome any challenges so that you’re not being drained of energy or time.  I'll give you the tools you need to help you succeed.

My greatest wish is to see you fulfil that goal/plan in a way that is joyful for you.



“I would never have got through the past year without your help and support Elly. I moved to a different country, bought a new house and changed career. Now I look forward to what happens next.  Thank you.” – B.F.,


What it includes:

60min session every month (for 12 months)

plus WhatsApp support in-between

plus unique organic Vibrational Essences and Herbs from my own range, to also support you

12 months   £1,560  


Other services:

Power Hour

Retainer packages

Need more information on any of these?

Let's have an informal chat and cuppa.

You can contact me here:

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