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I highly recommend Elly. She has been (and still is) such a wonderful guide and teacher to me. She has helped me on various occasions, over a number of years, and sometimes at the last minute.

Elly is super intuitive, knowledgeable and very wise, and she always shares the exact guidance that I require at that time. She is professional, kind, caring, compassionate and she speaks from her heart. I also love her products, and regularly use them to help support me in my work. I find that they hold a very high vibration, and I feel that she pours so much love and wisdom in to each one.

I value Elly's wisdom and knowledge tremendously, and I consider her to be a trusted expert in this field and I have often asked Elly to write features in my magazine.

MD at Jolene & Co Ltd

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Elly has a huge range of skills and experience which means she can usefully relate to what you do and where you're 'up to' - which she does with empathy and intuition. She's incredibly supportive - but isn't afraid to challenge you and offer 'tough love' if that's what she feels will help move you on.

She combines dedication and meticulous professionalism with creativity and personal warmth.

And also...she's great fun to work with!


Director at Acanthus Associates Ltd


“My life was a bit of a mess when I first met Elly.  Since I started working with her and following the guidance she gave me, I resolved my marital problems at that time and not long after I met my soul mate.  I’ve achieved financial independence after being a stay-at-home Mum for many years.  I am so much happier and confident in myself and lost a lot of the weight I had been holding onto.

Without Elly’s help and support, I do not think I would be in the great place that I am today.  I feel I have grown so much - especially my confidence - and with Elly’s help, I have been able to develop my natural creative gifts which I am now excited about sharing with the world.
Thank you, Elly for all your techniques and products, your inner beauty, your patience and support. I am eternally grateful to you.”

Business Development Manager


Elly, you are the heralder of the new Feminine paradigm through your work that you share with the world.  You are such a ‘gem’ in the universe.

Peace Elder and Author


Elly's intuition enables her to sense people's real needs - not necessarily their perceived needs. Her loving and supportive approach ensures that what she says or offers can always be taken in the right way, with the certainty that she is only pursuing other people's best interests, and not her own agenda.

She has rare and precious gifts, and loves to use them to help others on their pathway.



Kate O’Neil,


I recently had a healing session with Elly and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I felt like she knew me as soon as I came into the session.  She really helped me to understand what areas I need to work on to grow and flourish. Thank you so much Elly, I am already seeing the results 😊🙏🏻

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