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Many felt tired during the Dark Nights of the Moon, you were being slowed down so that you could go inwards and be reflective.  Strange dreams anyone in the build up to the New Moon? 


We are living in powerful times with many beneficial energies to support us.  However, all these energy shifts, astrological influences and recent solar flares could make your body feel a bit out of sync as it adjusts to opening to the new frequencies and expansion energy.

Drink plenty of water, rest and gently detox your system.

We are being spiritually rewired and upgraded.

Emotionally, some old stuff may come up for healing, allow this to happen it’s all part of the ‘detox’. 


Breathe though it and release any tension or resistance.  Be curious about the energy, where can you feel it in your body?  Be excited about where it will lead you.  Your body is the physical barometer of your experiences, listen to it.  Monitor your thoughts as change is always unsettling.  The message that came through loud and clear is ‘go with the flow.’


Can you believe we’re in June?  We are halfway though the year, an ideal time to reflect on the first six months and think about how you want your next six months to be.  This is a great opportunity to commit to your goals and dreams and commit to the changes you know are needed in order to make them happen.  You are well supported by the Universe.


We have a New Moon in Gemini, the networker and communicator of the zodiac, bringing opportunity for new collaborations and connections, or more growth with existing ones.  As ever, be discerning when new people come into your orbit, don’t dive straight in, and remember your boundaries as you get to know new peeps.


There is also a parade of six planets in Gemini, things may happen quickly and you will need to stay on top of things in order not to get a bit of a reality check.  On the positive side you may get a promotion at work or new responsibilities, an upgrade of some sort.  Gemini is an air sign and with all this mental energy making your mind race, you need to stay as grounded as you can, connect with Nature with a daily walk, or do some gardening to keep you ‘earthed’.


Saturn is also prominent so if you feel you are being held back in any way, it will be for a good reason.  Saturn is the Task Master and wants you to succeed in the best way possible.  Saturn reminds us about Divine timing and encourages us to be patient, the best success is one that is long-lasting.  There is plenty of time, stop – breathe – trust.


And talking about the Divine, how often do you communicate with the Divine?  Are you truly open to receiving?  This is no time for doubt, it’s a time for trust – trusting in yourself and the Divine plan of your life.  And guess what?  It’s all good!

Avoid procrastination, stay focused and determined yet soften enough to be open to receiving.


It’s time to try something new.  Gemini loves information and learning, so you may feel drawn to learning something new.  As the networker of the zodiac Gemini loves communicating with others, you may join a new group or start one yourself, or finally get around to writing that book.


Believe in yourself – it’s time to fulfil your destiny!


New Moon Blessings to y’all,




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